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Our aim is to produce authentic Persian Cuisine with a touch of modernism suitable to today’s market in a totally relaxed atmosphere.
We are also environmentally conscious and the sourcing of fresh, local and seasonal produce. Is our highest priority.

So come in and join us for totally mouthwatering Persian experience!

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starters and sides

In Persian cuisine it is rather difficult to distinguish between starters and side orders. always served with freshly baked bread. the making and especially sharing of food with loved ones is the ultimate show of love. ask any Persian mum


Persian home cooking is generally a stew. Almost always served with rice. It is time consuming to the effect that certain ingredients have to be added to the pot at specific times. The care taken by the cook is admirable and surprising. All for a few mouthfuls of utter deliciousness.


Deserts are an enigma in Persia. They are more of a treat that may be bought in from the pastry shop than a must have course on their own. However if you have a sweet tooth you are not going to be disappointed.


The food and staff are amazing! I will recommend this place to everyone!
Julian Promontorio
Very tasty Persian food. Perfect portions for my European tummy! Staff very friendly and accommodating. Wishing you great success.
Lorraine Avanessian