Grilled-On Charcoal
  • Joojeh
  • £10.50
Boneless breast of chicken marinated in saffron
  • Joojeh ba Ostokhoon
  • £11.50
Chunks of baby chicken marinated in onion, lemon juice, saffron and olive oil
  • Koobideh
  • £9.50
Two skewers of Minced lamb, onion and spices
  • Joojeh Makhsous
  • £13.90
One skewer of boneless breast of chicken and one skewer of minced lamb
  • Barg
  • £14.00
Fillet of lamb thinly sliced
  • Joojak Momtaz
  • £14.50
Flatted whole baby poussin marinated with mustard, lime juice, onion, olive oil comes with roasted butternut squash, shallots, new potato and cherry tomato
  • Shishlik
  • £16.50
Lamb cutlets grilled on the bone
  • Soltani
  • £17.50
One skewer of minced lamb and one skewer of fillet of lamb thinly sliced.
  • Chenjeh Makhsous
  • £19.00
One skewer of minced lamb and one skewer of roundels of lamb fillet.
  • Meygoo
  • £18.50
Tiger Prawns marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, paprika and garlic
  • Mahee
  • £19.50
Monkfish in a citrus marinade
  • Mix Grill For Two
  • £35.00
Chargrilled boneless chicken, Chenjeh, a skewer of minced lamb and a skewer of Rendezvous Koobideh Morgh, served with a bowl of saffron rice
  • Rendezvous Koobideh
  • £10.50
Two skewers of Minced lamb, onion and chopped fresh herbs
  • Rendezvous Koobideh Morgh
  • £10.50
Two skewers of mince chicken breast (360g), onion, herbs
  • Chenjeh
  • £15.00
Chunk of lamb fillets( 260g) marinated in onion juice
  • Sea Bass
  • £10.50
Chargrilled marinated whole sea bass comes with new potato and grilled tomatoes
  • Mixed Grill For Four
  • £65.00
Skewer of chunks of baby Chicken, skewer of Lamb cutlets, skewer of boneless chickens breast, skewer of Chenjeh, skewer of Rendezvous Koobideh, two skewers of Koobideh, skewer of Rendezvous Koobideh Morgh served with two bowls of saffron rice
  • Ghormeh Sabzi
  • £10.50
A stew of lamb with lots of fresh herbs flavoured with whole dry limes and red beans
  • Gheimeh Bademjan
  • £9.50
Hand shredded lamb rump with aubergines, onions and split peas in a tomato sauce
  • Fesenjoone Ordak
  • £13.50
Confit duck leg with a sauce made of ground walnuts* and pomegranate puree
  • Khorosht Bademjan
  • £10.50
Half lamb neck (460g) cooked in fresh tomato, onion paste, unripe grape topped with fried aubergine
  • Karafs
  • £9.50
Dices of Lamb chunk with freshly chopped celeries, parsley, mint and lemon
  • Gheimeh
  • £8.50
Hand shredded lamb rump cooked in onion paste, fresh tomato juice, split peas and herbs topped with fried finely chopped potatoes
  • Bamieh Ba Goosht
  • £9.50
Slow based dices of lamb with sautéed okra, mushroom, garlic, Persian spices cooked in tomato sauce
  • Loobia Ba Goosht
  • £9.50
Dices of lamb fine green beans, carrots, garden peas, Jerusalem potato cooked in tomato juice and spring onion puree with touch of Saffron
Rice Dishes
  • Zereshk Polow ba Morgh
  • £13.50
Braised leg of chicken in a tomato sauce served with barberry pistachio*and Almond Rice
  • Polow
  • £3.00
Saffron rice
  • Sabzi Polo
  • £4.80
rice cooked with coriander, dill, chives and parsley
  • Loobia Polo
  • £14.00
diced of lamb with fresh baby green beans cooked in tomato sauce, rice and spices
  • Baghalee Pollow Ba Mahicheh
  • £17.50
Braised lamb shank, Spanish onion, garlic, cinnamon, touch of Saffron served with Basmati rice and green Broad Beans
  • Sabzi Pollow Ba Mahi
  • £15.50
Chargrilled whole sea Bass comes with basmati rice, chopped coriander, dills chives and parsley
  • Baghalee Pollow
  • £6.00
Steam cooked rice, green beans, finely chopped dills and Saffron
  • Zereshk Pollow
  • £6.80
Steam cooked rice topped with caramelised barberries, chopped almonds and pistachios
Veg Dishes
  • Bamieh
  • £8.50
Sautéed okra, mushroom, garlic, with Persian spices cooked in tomato sauce
  • Fesenjoone Kadoo Gerduie
  • £10.50
Sweet and sour sauce made of ground walnuts* and pomegranate puree topped with pan fried butternut squash
  • Khorake Loobia
  • £7.90
Fine green beans, carrots, green peas, Jerusalem potato cooked in tomato juice and spring onion pure with touch of Saffron

* Will contain Nuts and or Seed