Grilled-On Charcoal
  • Joojeh
  • £9.50
Boneless breast of chicken marinated in saffron
  • Joojeh ba Ostokhoon
  • £11.50
Chunks of baby chicken marinated in onion, lemon juice, saffron and olive oil
  • Koobideh
  • £9.50
Two skewers of Minced lamb, onion and spices
  • Joojeh Makhsous
  • £13.50
One skewer of boneless breast of chicken and one skewer of minced lamb
  • Barg
  • £13.00
Fillet of lamb thinly sliced
  • Bareh
  • £15.00
Roundels of lamb fillet marinated in onion juice
  • Shishlik
  • £16.50
Lamb cutlets grilled on the bone
  • Soltani
  • £17.50
One skewer of minced lamb and one skewer of fillet of lamb thinly sliced.
  • Bareh Makhsous
  • £17.00
One skewer of minced lamb and one skewer of roundels of lamb fillet.
  • Meygoo
  • £19.50
Tiger Prawns marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, paprika and garlic
  • Mahee
  • £21.50
Monkfish in a citrus marinade
  • Mix Grill
  • £29.00
Skewers of boneless chicken ,\minced lamb& one lamb fillet served with saffron Rice Ideal for sharing
  • Koobideh RendezVous
  • £10.50
Two skewers of Minced lamb, onion and chopped fresh herbs
  • Ghormeh Sabzi
  • £9.50
A stew of lamb with lots of fresh herbs flavoured with whole dry limes and red beans
  • Gheimeh Bademjan
  • £8.50
Hand shredded lamb rump with aubergines, onions and split peas in a tomato sauce
  • Fesenjoone Ordak
  • £12.50
Confit duck leg with a sauce made of ground walnuts* and pomegranate puree
  • Fesenjoone Bademjan
  • £9.50
A pomegranates and walnut* stew & fried aubergine
  • Bamieh
  • £8.50
Sautéed okra, mushroom, garlic, with Persian spices cooked in tomato sauce
Rice Dishes
  • Zereshk Polow ba Morgh
  • £13.50
Braised leg of chicken in a tomato sauce served with barberry pistachio*and Almond Rice
  • Dolmeh (v)
  • £9.90
Bell peppers filled with rice, split peas, chopped fresh herbs cooked in spices and tomato sauce
  • Polow
  • £3.00
Saffron rice
  • Sabzi Polo
  • £5.00
rice cooked with coriander, dill, chives and parsley
  • Loobia Polo
  • £13.00
diced of lamb with fresh baby green beans cooked in tomato sauce, rice and spices

* Will contain Nuts and or Seed