starters and sides

Starters & Sides
  • Taftoon
  • £2.00
Made to order Persian flat bread topped with sesame seeds*
  • Paneer Sabzi
  • £5.20
A selection of soft herbs with spring onions, radishes, feta cheese and walnuts* served with Persian flat bread
  • Dolmeh felfel
  • £5.50
Bell pepper filled with rice, split peas, chopped fresh herbs cooked in spices and tomato sauce
  • Mast O Moosir
  • £5.20
Strained yogurt with shavings of wild garlic bulb
  • Mast O Khiar
  • £4.90
Strained yogurt, cucumber and mint
  • Hummus
  • £4.80
Cooked and mashed Chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic
  • Mirza Ghasemi
  • £6.80
Baked puree of smoked aubergine with tomatoes and garlic with a fried Quails egg
  • Kashke Bademjan
  • £6.80
Baked aubergine and onions with preserved yogurt fried mint and walnuts*
  • Salad Rish rish
  • £4.80
Julien of cucumber, tomato, onions and parsley in a lemon dressing
  • Salad Tanbala
  • £4.80
Baby leaves dressed in a pomegranate Syrup dressing with walnuts*
  • Salad Olivieh
  • £5.50
Diced pieces of chicken, boiled egg, potatoes, gherkins, carrots, olives and peas in mayonnaise
  • Torshi Liteh
  • £3.50
A pickle of finely chopped cucumber, aubergine, cauliflower, carrots, celery, garlic, herbs and spices
  • Torshi Makhloot
  • £3.50
Chunky mixed vegetable pickle
  • Chahartaie
  • £23.00
Mix platter choice of four from Kashk Bademjan, Mirza Gashemi, Olovieh, Hummus, Mast O Khiar, Mast O Moosir
  • Taftoon Pesteie
  • £3.50
Persian flat bread topped with sesame and pistachio*

* Will contain Nuts and or Seeds.