lunch menu

Our Quick Lunches are a selection of Kababs suited to your choice with a variety of garnishes that would enhance any quick lunch including: Home made flatbread, MASTO KIAR (yogurt, mint and cucumber) KASHKE BADEMJAN (char grilled aubergine with preserved yogurt, fried onions Garlic) SALADE TANBALA (a mixed leaf salad with pomegranate dressing and walnut) SALAD SHIRAZI (a salad of diced tomato, cucumber and red onions in a citrus dressing

Quick Menu
  • £8.50
Boneless breast of chicken marinated in saffron
  • £7.90
Minced lamb, onion and spices
  • BARG
  • £9.00
Fillet of lamb thinly sliced
  • £11.00
Roundels of lamb fillet marinated in onion juice
  • £9.50
Tiger Prawns marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, paprika and garlic
  • £11.00
Monkfish in a citrus marinade
  • £7.50
Marinated seasonal baby vegetables and char-grilled salad potatoes